Every child in America should be able to safely WALK TO SCHOOL. Children who are not able to walk should be able to safely ride an electric wheelchair to school. It is pure insanity that drives the school bus infrastructure that is wasting millions of tax dollars that line the pockets of the bus manufacturers and the gasoline industry rather than be used for education.


1. Our children are growing more and more obese with each passing year which is partly attributable to spending too much time sitting on school buses.

2. Busing encourages school boards to build larger and larger schools where children are treated like cattle rather than as human individuals.

3. Buses pollute the air, contributing to the thousands of deaths from respiratory illnesses.

4. Buses run over and kill tens of thousands of squirrels, raccoons, turtles, toads, deer, and other wildlife.

5. Buses waste precious fossil fuel that will be needed for the survival of future generations.

6. Children are denied a great part of their childhood by being cooped up in buses and cars for long periods of time that they should be spending having fun.


1. Walking is an exercise that is fundamental to good health.

2. Walking allows children to experience their natural surroundings of birds, butterflies, clouds, and trees.

3. Walking encourages school boards to build neighborhood schools that give children an identity and dignity as a human being.

I spent my first ten years in public schools either walking or riding my bicycle to school. Sidewalks were provided between most households and the neighborhood schools. The teachers knew each child by name and disposition. We had never heard about ADD, or other disabilities attributable to forcing children to spend hours on buses, their school days cooped up like factory farm animals in windowless classrooms under buzzing artificial lighting, eating piles of junk food from school vending machines, and basically being denied a healthy, happy childhood and learning environment.

If every child in America were able to WALK TO SCHOOL our country would have a much better chance of survival as a strong and healthy nation.

This patriotic message is brought to you by George H. Russell

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